Welcome to Medi-Dent

May 9th, 2017

Here at Medi-Dent we pride ourselves on being a one-stop dental supply company. If you have a private practice, or a corporate or government facility, then we want to be in partnership with you. We are an independent organisation that has been in operation for over four decades, so we bring experience, expertise, consistency and reliability to everything we do. We offer both a professional and personalised approach to dentistry.

Medi-Dent has everything you need when it comes to dental supplies and dental equipment. We offer an incredibly extensive range that consists of over 13,000 products. We have access to premium products from worldwide manufacturers, in every category from materials, to instruments, to the latest equipment and technology.

We know that you’re a very busy professional with a very busy business.

You have limited time to be focusing on other things. You may be a dental professional or a dental specialist. You may be working in a corporate environment or a private practice. But whatever the scenario, your time is valuable, and even more so, your clients are too. You don’t want to be sourcing equipment—you want it to be ready for you, and you want it to be of the highest quality so you can give your patients the best quality of care.

We also know that you want to be kept up to date with the latest advancements in oral care. If there is new technology or new equipment available, you want to know about it straight away. You want to stay ahead of your competitors. More importantly, you want to provide your patients the best care that is available to them.

But as a leader in the industry of dental supply companies, Medi-Dent’s services don’t just stop at supplying the latest equipment and technology.

We also specialise in a number of other ways. We are able to provide efficient and reliable equipment servicing and repairs, knowing that your office cannot be without any of its equipment for any period of time. You deserve the best, and so do your patients.

We are also specialists at setting up new practices. If you are planning on opening a new surgery, then Medi-Dent is the place to source advice, ideas, plans and equipment. Just like the rest of our services, we are committed to providing the best service to brand new practitioners as well.

If you’re searching for dental supply companies, you need to look no further than Medi-Dent.