Medesy LEVANTE by Pininfarina

LEVANTE. Arte Italiana.

LEVANTE is a new line of Medesy Handles designed by the creative geniuses at Pininfarina.

Pininfarina is a design house of international repute, a symbol of Italian style in the world. With over 80 years of experience, its activities focus on all-around design, product engineering and research. Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce & Bentley are among its prestigious customers.

LEVANTE was created and sculpted in the same way the artist shapes its work of art, finely removing the superfluous elements in search for the essence of pure form.

The handle perfectly reflects the passion of Pininfarina as well as strong expertise in combining elegance of forms with technology, where innovation is indeed humanised by the design originality.

ELEGANCE, INNOVATION, PURITY OF LINES, distinguishing features and values deeply imprinted in Pininfarina’s DNA were applied for the approach to Medesy’s LEVANTE project.

LEVANTE Handle Colours

LEVANTE handles are available in a selection of bright colours. The colours specify the exact destination of use, thus facilitating the task of the dental operator.

  • Red – Posteriors
  • Orange – Premolars and molars, mesial
  • Yellow – Anteriors and premolars
  • Green – Premolars and molars, buccal/lingual
  • Blue – Premolars and molars, distal
  • Violet – Anteriors
  • Pink – Universal curettes
  • Grey – Anteriors, Incisors and canines