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Health begins in the mouth

A healthy body needs a healthy mouth – that is the goal of the Swiss company Curaden. Curaden develops oral hygiene instruments that are as gentle and effective as possible in collaboration with experts from research, education and practice. Curaprox is the oral health brand of Curaden AG, based in Switzerland.

Entrepreneur Ueli Breitschmid believes in a better world: “We can create it – and we have it in our own hands”. His oral hygiene brand, Curaprox, sells more than just products. Imparting the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy mouth for life is the family business’ commitment: every person has it in their own hands to take care of themselves and their health. This is based on the conviction that good health begins in the mouth, that the mouth is the gateway to the body.

Provision with a system

Curaden is committed to the intelligent linking of people and the transfer of knowledge. Curaden gives prevention an important role in the health care business. Dentists, specialists, dental care professionals and others are to be trained accordingly. Prevention in oral health determines the company culture. This is modern thinking and is consistently implemented by Curaden – it is brought to the fore under the leadership of Christine Breitschmid, who is the third generation of her family taking the company forward.

Functionality and Joy

Today, Curaden are a leading global provider of holistic oral health concepts in over 70 countries. “Better health for you” is the philosophy at the heart of everything the company does. This credo emphasises the importance of oral health and its relation to general health. Whether it is an interdental brush, a toothbrush with specially fine and accurately arranged filaments, an electronic sonic toothbrush, an oral rinse, a baby kit or a gentle toothpaste: the Curaprox brand, its products, worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates all deliver colourful playfulness, linking health with joy.

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