PDS Professional Dentist Supplies

Profession Dentist Supplies (PDS) products are Australian made. The company is 100% Australian owned and has been developing and manufacturing quality dental products since 1989.
PDS is at the cutting edge of dental technology providing new concepts in the management of dental caries and periodontal disease and prides itself on efficiency and service.
PDS specialises in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic dentistry, endodontic, equipment maintenance, infection control, operative and oral hygiene products.
Well know PDS brands include Bright Teeth, NoW, White Lightening and Thermosplints cosmetic teeth whitening products and accessories; EndoPrep endodontic medicaments; AnitRust, FogOff and Rotagen instrument and equipment maintenance products; Isopol Isopropyl Alcohol and NeutraDet Neutral Detergent solutions; Finale Solvent, X-Ray Holders and Sleeves, Light Filter Paddles, Mirror Paddles, MintDrops and BerryDrops mouthrinse and HydroRinse operative solutions; and Chlorofluor gels and mouthrinse, Perio Pack, Plaque Disclose gel and Plaque 2 Tone solution oral hygiene products.


Featured Products


PDS Anti Rust Powder 500gm Jar

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PDS Anti Rust Powder Used to prevent rusting of metallic instruments during regular and prolonged exposure to cleaning and disinfectant solutions.

PDS BerryDrops Mouthrinse 200ml Bottle

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PDS BerryDrops Mouthrinse Fresh berry flavoured mouthrinse concentrate for pre and post-operative rinsing. Great taste for children. 200ml pump bottle.

PDS Bright Teeth Gel Refill 10% 30ml Bottle

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PDS Bright Teeth Gel Refill 10% Replacement bottle of Bright Teeth Gel for patients to continue teeth whitening at home, includes patient instructions. Mint flavour.

PDS Bright Teeth Kit 10% (8)

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PDS Bright Teeth Kit 10% Carbamide Peroxide 10% gel bleaching system for dentists to assist patients in vital teeth whitening. Includes Bright Teeth Gel (mint flavour), Mouthguard Holder, Thermo Splints, Patient and Clinical instructions and 1 x 15 ml Finale solution for smoothing whitening trays.