3rd December, 2018
Quality Dental Tools, Australia Wide
Establishing your dental practice as a professional clinic attractive to new clients is paramount to building your reputation. It’s important to have the most modern technology and tools in order to work professionally and make your customer’s as comfortable as possible. Medi-Dent has been supplying dental tools Australia wide since 1973, providing quality equipment, instruments, […]
30th November, 2018
A Guide to Dental Cleaning Tools
Anyone who has been to the dentist has seen the array of tools on the equipment tray. To many, they seem like alien artefacts, but each serves a specific purpose. There are many different types of dental cleanings, and different tools used depending on what’s required. The regular cleaning of teeth is an important step […]
20th November, 2018
Things to Consider When Buying a Dental Tool Set
A dentist is only as good as his tools, and taking the time to purchase a quality dental tool set is a key consideration for any dentist looking to set up their new practice. When making the decision, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you’re making the right purchase. Trusted Brands […]
26th November, 2018
The Essential Dental Lab Tools Every Dentist Needs
The purchase of quality dental lab tools is at the forefront of establishing and maintaining any successful dental surgery. Whether it’s a private practice or other facility, having the latest state-of-the-art equipment not only ensures the comfortability and confidence of your patients, but it ensures the smooth operation of your practice and the tasks undertaken […]
9th May, 2017
Welcome to Medi-Dent

Here at Medi-Dent we pride ourselves on being a one-stop dental supply company. If you have a private practice, or a corporate or government facility, then we want to be in partnership with you. We are an independent organisation that has been in operation for over four decades, so we bring experience, expertise, consistency and reliability to everything we do.