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TePe Orthodontic Kit

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TePe Orthodontic Kit The essential kit for a healthy smile For patients going through orthodontic treatment, TePe appreciate that good oral hygiene is essential but often challenging. With braces, you know that patients can’t settle for just a toothbrush and floss. Finding the right set of products can be both difficult and time consuming. To make things easier for you and your patients, TePe have put together a kit with carefully selected products. The TePe Orthodontic Kit includes > TePe Supreme compact toothbrush with bristles in two levels for improved access around brackets and under the wire > TePe Compact Tuft, a specialty brush for precision cleaning around brackets and retainers > Two different interdental brushes, original and TePe Angle for cleaning between teeth and under the wire > TePe EasyPick, a conical toothpick for cleaning constantly changing interdental spaces, also great for on-the-go cleaning > Orthodontic wax to avoid or relieve soreness > This kit provides a great step towards successful orthodontic treatment outcomes. Depending on the type of braces, your patient might of course need addition al products. Includes 1 x TePe Supreme Compact Toothbrush 1 x TePe Compact Tuft Specialty Toothbrush 1 x TePe Angle Interdental Brush Yellow 2 x TePe EasyPick XS/S 2 x TePe EasyPick M/L 1 x TePe Interdental Brush Green 1 x TePe Interdental Brush Yellow 1 x TePe Orthodontic Wax