Medesy Nerissimo Instruments

Medesy gets dressed for the big occasions, Nerissimo is tailored for just that!

Imagine an instrument which is the natural extension of your hand. Imagine the perfection of your gesture, feeling relaxed as your grip remains precise and constant in all situations. Imagine an instrument concept perfectly balanced and ergonomic, conceived to simplify and compliment your daily requirements while providing the highest efficiency.

Imagine all this and now try Nerissimo

The brand new line of dental instruments developed by Medesy to deliver all of their skill and experience into the palm of your hand. Refined in all respects, the Nerissimo range combines Medesy’s best and most popular instruments into a new look black finish as a result of the innovative DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon). A special biocompatible coating whose unique characteristics ensure superior wear resistance, efficiency and reliability as well as favouring better visibility during routine operative dentistry, the de-facto elimination of reflections and highlighting the contrast between tissue and liquids of the oral cavity.

  • Nerissimo is much more than a colour.
  • Nerissimo is the style and elegance of high level performance.
  • Are you ready for a change, are you ready for the look and feel of Nerissimo?

DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon): the force of carbon and hardness of a diamond.

DLC coating provides outstanding performance. This is achieved via a very low temperature during the coating transfer process, the friction coefficient, one of the lowest for the existing coating technologies, the elevated ratio H/E (Hardness/Elasticity Modulus), indicator of excellent wear and stress resistance. These are just some of the main features which make this treatment at cutting edge of today’s coating technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional hardness for maximum resistance to abrasion for cutting edge instruments, for perfect sharpness over time.
  • Low friction coefficient provides high fluidity during the procedure; the result is an excellent non-stick coating that prevents material residues on the surface.
  • Enhanced endurance to corrosion creating an effective barrier against chemical agents.
  • Unaltered instrument precision, as the DLC layer bonds and compacts completely with the stainless steel.
  • Optimal biocompatibility, suitable for dental procedures as the DLC finish exhibits hypoallergenic proprieties, reducing the likelihood of medical rejection and tissue damage.

Discover the new NERISSIMO product line with DLC coating. For unmatched strength and resistance!