PDT The PDT Difference

Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) are passionate about creating instruments that increase clinician comfort through smart ergonomics, improve efficiency with better blade and handle design, and enhance durability by using only the best materials and metallurgical processes. PDT observe and research professional and patient needs in order to innovate and design the best instruments available.

PDT instruments are handcrafted by master craftspeople, are made exclusively in the USA and Germany, and feature ergonomic handles designed in consultation with orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, and dental professionals. PDT instruments anatomical, colour coded, resin handles are 10mm in diameter and feature extended knurling to provide a more comfortable grip with less hand fatigue and pinch force to reduce muscle fatigue. PDT thermal resin handled instruments weigh only 13 grams making them the lightest, most tactile sensitive instruments on the market.

PDT instruments are strong, sharp and durable and made exclusively of high quality 440A stainless steel leading to harder and tougher instruments.  PDT’s unique heat treatment and cryogenic process allow for blades which stand up to resharpening and last 2 – 7 times longer. PDT’s attention to instrument blade size, angulation, curvature, and balance allows for blade designs that adapt anatomically to allow clinicians to be more efficient and promote patient comfort.

The PDT range includes periodontal curettes and scalers, surgical, restorative, implant and diagnostic instruments as well as cassettes and sharpening systems. Well known and widely used PDT Signature instruments include the one and only Montana Jack, Jack B. Nimble, Queen of Hearts, MiniMe, Montana Explorer, WRS ACE Advanced Comprehensive Exam instruments and of course PDT’s Amazing Gracey’s, O’Hehir Curettes, Wingrove Titanium Implant Scalers, Micro-Serrated Periotomes and Pineyro Arch implant instruments.

PDT Diagnostic Instruments
Diagnostic Instruments

PDT’s diagnostic line of dental hand instruments were created to bring our signature focus on ergonomics to every corner of a dental professional’s kit. Featuring a wide variety of explorers, probes, and mirrors, our lightweight resin handles with knurling up to the instrument shank reduce hand fatigue and pinch, lowering the risks of developing musculoskeletal disorders throughout your career.

PDT Periodontal Instruments
Periodontal Instruments

PDT’s dental scalers and curettes are built with patient and clinician health in mind. Our ideally weighted, solid resin handles with knurling up to the instrument shank provide for less hand fatigue and pinch. Plus, our dental instrument tips and blades are harder and tougher thanks to an innovative heat treatment and cryogenic process, meaning they retain their edge longer and can be resharpened, so they last 2 to 7 times longer.

PDT Restorative Instruments
Restorative Instruments

Whether you’re handling, placing, and shaping composite or amalgam materials during restorative dental procedures, PDT offers you a complete selection of instruments to meet your needs. Check out PDT’s Gold Line Composite Sculpting System for instruments with our special titanium nitride coating that prevents material from sticking, making it easier to manipulate. Plus, all of our instruments feature PDT’s unique thermal resin handles with extended knurling to improve comfort and reduce pinch force, improving tactile sensitivity and helping to prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders over time.

PDT Implantology Instruments
Implantology Instruments

PDT implant instruments are designed with a uniquely processed titanium that does not scratch implants and can be sharpened! Including PDT’s versatile R900 Wingrove Go-To Set and Pineyro Arch Instruments PDT provides a variety of specially designed instruments to meet any need.

PDT Surgical Instruments
Surgical Instruments

Made in Germany, PDT’s comprehensive surgical instrument range includes extraction forceps, elevators, luxating instruments, retractors, scissors, needle holders, tweezers, forceps, rongeurs, scalpel handles, implant guides and trays, bone grafting instruments, crown removal pliers and syringes.

PDT Instrumement Management
Instrument Management

Our PDT FlipTop Cassettes showcase our commitment to helping clinicians with infection control, and sterilisation practices. We’ve partnered with OSAP to make sure we are actively promoting the highest sterilisation standards, and that we help improve the life of your instruments through proper storage and organisational efficiency.

Make your instruments stand out with PDT Aloha Colour Code Rings and Cassette ID Tubes. Perfect for organising instruments and a great complement to PDT’s colour-coding system! Aloha Colour Code Rings and Cassette ID Tubes are available in 12 colours including Orca Black, Coffee Brown, Nautical Blue, Tropical Green, Dophin Gray, Sky Blue, Sunset Orange, Orchid Pink, Passionate Purple, Coral Red, Coconut White and Sunshine Yellow.

PDT Instrument Sharpening Gleeson Guide
Instrument Sharpening

PDT makes sharpening easy with the Gleason Guide, PingRing sharpness tester, Diamond Head fine ceramic stone for maintaining fine edges and coarse transformation ceramic stone for reshaping the blade.

PDT Accesssories

Synthetic instrument oil for routine instrument maintenance. Comes in a pen shaped design for easy dispersal. Odourless formula leaves no discoloration on instruments. If used regularly it ensures a long product lifespan and optimal performance. It helps to prevent freezing from corrosion and sediments.