Bien-Air A History of Innovation

Bien-Air began in Moutier (Switzerland), in a traditional village café in the heart of the famous “Watch Valley”. David Mosimann, a business-minded precision mechanic, spent one of his coffee breaks chatting with a dentist, who lamented the limited performance of his rotary instruments. Keen to find ways to improve the practitioner’s day-to-day work, David Mosimann set about producing his first handpieces. Slowly the project grew and, in 1959, the Bien-Air company was founded in a garage in the town of Bienne.

Right from its inception, Bien-Air set the bar high, affirming its expertise in micromechanics. The company’s first turbines were considered the most reliable and durable on the market. In endless pursuit of innovations, the company took a decisive step in the 1970s when it launched its very first electric motor. Renowned for their exceptional precision and performance, Bien-Air instruments soon became popular with dentists.

Bien-Air Since 1991

The expertise and state-of-the-art technologies developed by the company also proved invaluable in the manufacture of other medical instruments, opening up new horizons. Bien-Air took the decision to diversify, focusing its expertise on the field of ENT surgery, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. In 2001, the company decided to draw a distinction between its dentistry and microsurgery activities, creating the Bien-Air Dental and Bien-Air Surgery divisions. The company’s values developed as the product range expanded. Year after year, Bien-Air continued to revolutionise the medical world by producing rotary instruments and systems which are innovative, reliable and easy to use.

In 1994, David Mosimann’s son, Vincent, took over the running of Bien-Air. Vincent’s aim was to perpetuate the company’s family spirit while remaining faithful to his father’s philosophy of simplifying practitioners’ work.

With headquarters in Bienne, two production/assembly sites in Noirmont (Switzerland) and eight subsidiaries, Bien-Air now employs more than 400 staff worldwide. Innovative and reliable products, a high-quality distribution network and leading Customer Service make Bien-Air the number one specialist in rotary instruments and medical systems.


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Bien-Air Optima INT MX2 LED Electric Micromotor Kit

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Bien-Air Optima INT MX2 LED Electric Micromotor Kit Optima INT and its MX2 and MCX micromotors guarantee perfect control of the handpiece, managing the speed, torque and reversal of the direction of rotation (on selected models). Providing the ultimate speed and torque control, the Optima INT and DMX control units with Smart Logic technology are capable of exploiting to the fullest the outstanding capacities of the MX micromotors. Thanks to its Easy-Nav philosophy, the Optima INT is incredibly intuitive and adapts to most dental chairs. It is ideal if you want to upgrade your pneumatic chair to bring it into the electronic age. Quite simply, it offers the best Swiss engineering. Optima INT is particularly versatile. This control unit offers pre-programmed modes for all the main restorative operations and for endodontics. A true all-in-one system, it also makes your life simpler, two contra-angle handpieces are sufficient to perform the vast majority of dental procedures. This results in improved comfort as well as a time saving. The Optima INT interface has 10 pre-programmed sequences for endodontic operations and 10 sequences for restorative operations. You can perform your root treatments in complete safety. The Optima INT has been designed to reduce the risk of NiTi instrument breakage to a minimum, by means of the auto-reverse function (on selected models). Why not consider upgrading your electric or air powered motor to brushless sensorless technology combining your high-performance handpieces with Bien-Air Optima INT technology. MX2 LED Micromotor The Bien-Air MX2 LED micromotor, offers the best performance on the market by simplifying and optimizing restorative, prophy or endodontic procedures. The SMART LOGIC electronic management system automatically controls the power and compensates immediately for any speed variations.

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