Baxter Fluid Products

Baxter Healthcare Surgical Irrigation and Intravenous Solutions

Baxter Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of speciality IV Solutions and Delivery Systems that help physicians, pharmacists and nurses safely administer critical fluids and medications to patients.
The company first produced IV solutions in Australia in 1963 and since then has provided over 1 billion units of specialty IV and Irrigation solutions as well as Ready-To-Use medications to the Australian and New Zealand market. Today Baxter remains the only local manufacturer of IV Fluids.
Baxter works closely with physicians to ensure all solutions meet today’s complex clinical needs.
Baxter fluids and delivery sets feature the very latest in labelling and packaging technology promoting medication safety, with a large team of product specialists supporting clinical education and training. Baxter’s enhanced services such as custom manufacturing, ward delivery and recycling programs provide a complete support network for clinicians and their patients across Australia and New Zealand.