The Essential Dental Lab Tools Every Dentist Needs

November 26th, 2018

The purchase of quality dental lab tools is at the forefront of establishing and maintaining any successful dental surgery. Whether it’s a private practice or other facility, having the latest state-of-the-art equipment not only ensures the comfortability and confidence of your patients, but it ensures the smooth operation of your practice and the tasks undertaken by your expert technicians.


Medi-Dent offers a wide range of instruments and consumables to help you set your practice up right. Among the most important instruments your dental lab needs is the right tools to carry out the delicate procedures required by your patients. Here is a quick alphabetic list of some of the most common.

The Basic Dental LAB Tools

Dental Lab Tool Set


Burnishers are used at the end of a procedure to smooth and polish dental restorations. It’s natural for your patients to explore the restorative work done, and a burnisher ensures the work is smooth to the touch.

Dental drills

Possibly the most loathed of all equipment by patients, the dental drill is still one of the most essential in removing decay. It is often also used to smooth dental corrections once the work is complete.


No set of teeth is the same, so it’s often necessary to take a mould of a patient’s teeth to identify any hidden cavities and to assist in creating mouth guards, crowns, caps, or the accurate fitting of braces.

Mouth mirror

A mouth mirror facilitates the inspection of teeth to locate cavities and other problems, and aids in guiding your movements when operating in hard to reach areas of a patient’s mouth.



These include the sickle probe and periodontal probe. A sickle probe is used to locate and clean cavities of plaque and other stuck food matter, while the periodontal probe is used to measure the periodontal pockets to detect signs of gum disease.


Scalers facilitate the removal of hardened plaque above the gumline that simple brushing cannot remove.

Spoon excavator

Spoon excavators are used to remove soft decay. Spoon excavators are a gentler way of cleaning a cavity in preparation for repair without the use of a drill.

Suction device

A suction device (also commonly referred to as a saliva ejector) is used to remove excess saliva from the mouth to keep the area being worked on dry. Many treatments require the use of water, so a suction device is essential in drying the mouth, teeth and gum for easier work and to prevent the patient from unnecessarily swallowing or choking.


Every dental lab requires sterile dental syringes to administer local anaesthetic as required, and to rinse or dry a patient’s mouth during certain procedures.

Here to Help

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