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3M Filtek Restorative Capsule Dispenser White

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3M Filtek Restorative Capsule Dispenser Shouldn’t a tool you use every day be more comfortable? No matter which member of the Filtek family of products you’re using, they can all be dispensed with the same device. That’s why 3M designed the 3M Filtek Restorative Dispenser with improvements that can make your restorative delivery easier, more comfortable and secure. The easy-pull trigger and ergonomic design reduces the force needed for extrusion. A rotatable capsule holder makes loading/unloading easier than before, with a snap-in feature that lets you know the capsule is secure. > Rotatable capsule holder designed for easy load in, no matter the angle > Features a “snap-in” function that secures capsules during dispensing and makes it easier to load/unload capsules > Easy-pull trigger and ergonomic design Suggested Applications > Dispensing of 3M Dental Restorative materials in capsules