Lars Hellerud

Service Technician


I have worked at Medi-Dent for 6 years as a Technician, and have been a Dental Equipment Technician for 14 years. I have also obtained an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering.

I enjoy the variety of my work. I am exposed to and have vast experience with many types of equipment all incorporating electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics. In my free time I am a dedicated family man with a beautiful wife and 3 amazing children. I have passion for helping people through my local Church, dedicating most of this time to men’s health through men’s shed and my other passion the great outdoors. I always try to find time for hiking, climbing, fishing, camping trail bike riding, snowboarding etc. Love music, my favourite album if I had to choose would be Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe.


 Phone: 1300 886 674
 Email: Lars Hellerud