Considerations For buying A Dental Chair

December 17th, 2018

It’s often the case that the mere sight of a dental chair is enough to send a patient into panic, which is why it’s important you choose the most advanced and comfortable to help put them at ease.

There are a lot of products and models on the market, and it can be a difficult task deciding what model is best for your practice. But if you break the process down, it can become a lot less confusing. Here are a few factors to take into consideration to help you make the best choice.

Ergonomic Factors

Modern dental chairs are built to alleviate the discomfort experienced by our patients and the strain put on dental practitioners and assistants during long procedures. Ergonomic and technological advancements allow for easier height and recline adjustments allow you to position your clients at an angle that’s best suited for you and them, and allow for stand-up dentistry when it’s needed. When you’re making your decision, consider the typical daily procedures you perform and what ergonomic factors affect your work, both positively and negatively, and how different models might amplify or remedy these. What may seem a minor flaw in a model can have serious impacts on a practitioner’s health and work quality when compounded over an eight-hour work day, five days a week, etc.

Your Current Chair’s Shortcomings

A good way to determine what you need in a dental chair is to consider the operations of your current model. As mentioned above regarding the chair’s ergonomics, make a list of what is useful and practical about your current chair, and what shortcomings it may have that could be solved with this new model. Consider too what’s missing, and what technological inclusions could help you operate more smoothly and help your customers feel at ease. Visiting a showroom or dental conference will help you test-drive different models to determine the best features.

Consider Future Advances

Technological advancements move quickly within the dental industry, and research and improvements in dental chairs and their features and capabilities are swift. When you’re researching the different models available, take note of their technical specifications and keep in mind the different technology expected to come onto market in the next few years. Ideally, your chair shouldn’t need to be replaced until a minimum service life of ten years has been achieved, so consider the technological advances that may make certain models obsolete or outdated within the next few years.

First Impressions

The dentist chair is the first thing most patients look at when entering your dental surgery. Particularly in the case of new clients, you want your patients to feel at ease, and having a modern dental chair with advanced functionality will be your ally in achieving that. Consider how particular models will look in your surgery, and what aesthetic impact they may have on your patients sense of ease.

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous models available on the market, and it pays to be diligent about their features and how they’ll help your surgery perform at its best. Do your homework and create a list of considerations and possible strengths and weaknesses, and take your time choosing the best suited to how you operate.

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