A Guide to Dental Cleaning Tools

November 30th, 2018

Anyone who has been to the dentist has seen the array of tools on the equipment tray. To many, they seem like alien artefacts, but each serves a specific purpose. There are many different types of dental cleanings, and different tools used depending on what’s required. The regular cleaning of teeth is an important step in preventing and treating periodontal disease and keeping your teeth in a healthy condition. Here is a quick rundown of the dental cleaning tools your dentist will use to keep your teeth in prime condition.

Hand Tools

There are numerous hand tools a dentist will use in performing a health check or procedure. Hand-held mirrors assist in investigating hard to reach areas like the back of the teeth and help them navigate their tools where needed. Metal scalers help remove soft deposits of tartar and plaque, while curettes assist in scraping away tartar beneath the gums.


When all the plaque and tartar has been removed from a patient’s teeth, the dentist will then polish the teeth to buff uneven areas and give them that smooth feel and shiny veneer.

Ultrasonic Scalers

The use of an ultrasonic scaler is often the first tool used in a dental clean. Ultrasonic scalers use mild vibrations to loosen the larger build up of tartar with water washing the loosened debris away. The vibrations can be adjusted to the patient’s comfort and are less invasive than hand scrapers and can also result in a more efficient clean.


Many patients can have a low threshold when it comes to pain, so a local anaesthetic may need to be administered before a clean or operation is performed. Where a thorough clean is needed to remove a large buildup of tartar or in cases of the presence of periodontal disease, a local anaesthetic administered by syringe can make the procedure more tolerable.

Where to buy quality dental tools

Choosing the best equipment can be difficult, but it’s an important factor is setting up your practice. At Medi-Dent, our equipment specialists have the training and expertise to understand your requirements and ensure you get the best tools to suit your needs.


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